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Take Home the Spirit of Africa!


The design of Cape Town Beanies is inspired by the magical colors of our favourite South African birds.
All our beanies are HANDMADE in Cape Town by local women. Therefore, every beanie is unique and can differ from the sample pictures below.
Our Beanies come in sizes Small, Medium and Large. Our Birdie Beanies can be ordered without pompon, with pompon and with special pompon (with real Ostrich or Marabu feathers). 

Cape Town Beanies

- Crochet Beanie for winter, spring an autumn
- HANDCRAFTED with LOVE in Cape Town, South Africa
- every Beanie is unique
- all our Beanies are branded with our LOGO on stitched labels
- Care Instructions: hand wash, gentle wash (30°C)

- modern, African design



Birdie Beanie (without pompon): € 29,-
Birdie Beanie with pompon € 35,-
Birdie Beanie with pompon and precious Ostrich / Marabu feathers € 39,-

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"Knysna Lourie" Beanie (code: KL)

Name: Knysna Lourie / Knysna Tauraco (Tauraco corythaix)
Habitat: Evergreen forests of Southern and Eastern Africa
Plumage: mainly green coat, tall green crest tipped with white; bright red under the wings

produkt kl pflable knysna loriemodel  knysna lourie



 "Lilac Breasted Roller" Beanie (code: LB)

Name: Lilac Breasted Roller (Coracias caudatus)
Habitat: Grassland that border trees and bushes; protected areas in Southern and Eastern Africa
Plumage: multi-colored dream dress

produkt lb pflable lilac breasted rollergrey lilac breasted roller



"African Pygmy Kingfisher" Beanie (code: AK)

Name: African Pygmy Kingfisher (Ispidina picta)
Habitat: woodland, savanna and forest in Sub-Saharian Africa
Plumage: rufous underparts, glossy blue back with a dark blue crown

produkt ak pflable african pygmy kingfisherafrican kingfisher renate



"African Hoopoe" Beanie (code: AH)

Name: African Hoopoe (Upupa africana)
Habitat: open, bushy areas, thornveld and riverine woodlands in dry areas throughout Southern Africa
Plumage: mainly russet, the wings are stripy black and white, the crest has black tips

produkt ah pf lable african hoopoerenate african hoopoe



"European Bee Eater" Beanie (code: EB)

Name: European Bee Eater (Merops apiaster)
Habitat: Farmland, fields and river valleys in Southern Europe, northwestern and southern Africa, central and southwestern Asia
Plumage: brown and yellow upper parts, green wings and blue chest

produkt eb pflable european bee eatergreysham european bee eater feathers



"Orange Breasted Bush Shrike" Beanie (code: OB)

Name: Orange Breasted Bush Shrike (Chlorophoneus sulfureopectus)
Habitat: rather low woody vegetation with dense foliage in many areas of Sub-Saharan Africa, mainly southeastern Africa
Plumage: bright orange chest with grey crown 
produkt ob pflable orange breasted bushshrikeorange breasted bushshrike greysham



"Red Bishop" Beanie (code: RB)

Name: Red Bishop (Euplectes orix)
Habitat: wetland / grassland areas and on agricultural lands
Plumage: in breeding season bright red (occasionally orange) and black 

 produkt rb pf lablenew red bishop renate red bishop federbommel


"Carmine Bee Eater" Beanie (code: CB)

Name: Carmine Bee Eater (Merops nubicoides)
Habitat: low altitude river valleys and floodplains
Plumage: mainly carmine with green crown and blue undertail

 produkt cb pf lablenew carmine bee eater doris carmine bee eater



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