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An African story: Two African boys from Khayelithsa - how everything started!

It was a sunny Monday morning in June 2000. I have just relocated to Cape Town and was busy unpacking all the moving boxes, when I heard a loud knock on my door. Here she was, the proud, big and beautiful Xhosa lady, asking for work: FRANCIS. 
In the middle of my relocation disaster this angel appeared. She was exactly the person we were looking for.
Francis and her two little boys lived in the Township Khayelitsha, just outside Cape Town. Their "house" was a shack with 16qm and on rainy days the nearby river was flowing through their small living room. That was the only running water they had in their home.

Soon Francis was more than "just" our employee, she and her family touched our hearts and we became close friends. Francis took us and our guests on township tours, in her gorgeous Xhosa-dress she showed us her friends' "houses", she introduced us to Mike, the owner of the local "Shabeen" and gave us maize beer to taste. Her neighbours welcomed us with traditional songs and dances and we got to know "their Africa". We learned that poverty is not the equivalent to unhappiness and that real laughter comes from the heart. For Francis and her friends wealth means to have a job, friends, respect and a little bit of money to feed the family and send the kids to school.

Francis died of cancer on Saturday, 22. July 2006.

So, there were the two motherless kids: Slovo und Siphelele.


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Francis and her kids have always felt like family to us, and it is for this reason that we couldn't let the children continue their path to nowhere, with no guidance. Without a mother to look after them, they would have been lost to the townships, living a life of abject poverty like so many other South African children. 

We took the boys into our lifes and send them to the best private schools in the country. Due to the help of many friends and art projects like our Cape Town Beanies project, we were able to educate the boys and help them on the way to make their dreams come true. 

Both Slovo and Siphelele graduated from Highschool.

Slovo became a very talented Opera singer after his studies at University and he is on his way to (hopefully) gain fame in the world of artists.

Siphelele is now already 20 years old and is currently studying Hotel Management at the SWISS Hotel School in Johannesburg. He is a passionate chef (and he also likes to eat!) and he loves his studies and his part time job at a Restaurant. Maybe he will soon be a well-known hotel manager overseas? To reach this goal he will have to study and work hard for the next 2 years! For now, he is doing his Internship in the United States which is a big step for him!

In der Zwischenzeit absolviert Siphe sein Pflichtpraktikum im Zuge seiner Ausbildung in den USA!

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