Siphes Internship in America


Thanks to YOUR kind support we could give Siphe the amazing opportunity to do his 6 months internship - as part of his studies at the Swiss Hotel School in Johannesburg - in the United States. Based on his education and skills, the 4 star Hotel Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, New York has employed Siphe as a trainee. In the beginning of November 2017 the big adventure started for Siphe and a few days after his arrival in America, we received the first report full of excitement.


 siphe amerika


Letter from Siphelele, 12.01.2018

Dear Family,

I just want to start this email by saying thank you and thank the lord that I have a family such as mine. I have been having such a fun time. Mohonk has truly treated me as one of their own. 

This year a lot has already happened to me. I have been commended for my work here, the staff that I stay with have become a part of my American family. But more importantly, I think of you in the warm South African weather, I love the videos from snowy Germany. I guess I had a white Christmas. 

I love you 



Guest comments about Siphelele, 22.12.2017

“Siphelele Magida is the hardest working staff member in your Dining Room.”

“We would like to commend Siphelele Magida in dining for his excellent service.”


Letter from Siphelele, 19.12.2017

Dear Family

I just want to tell you that I love you first and foremost. I hope that you are all well. I have been having the time of my life. 
Each morning I wake up and pinch myself. The work is so good and I feel a part of the family at mohonk. 
There's so much to do and learn. Each day I learn something new. I love it here and I am still well in health. 
And as always love you to the moon and beyond


Letter from Siphelele, 07.12.2017

Dear Family

I just wanted to quickly update you on my current living situation. 
Mohonk has been fantastic and I have been to the city. Which is beautiful and the people move like clockwork and it's covered with police.
However St Patrick's Cathedral is beautiful. Central Park is also pretty and is filled with lots of squirrels. 
I have attached some photos of which I took myself. I am sure you are going to love them. 
Lots of love


Letter from Siphelele, 21.11.2017

Dear Family 

Last night was a night to remember. I am beginning to feel that I am somewhere else, someone else. I am starting to feel like I am in my own TV show. 

I am living my dream and it's starting to sink in. This place is welcoming and it's people are kind. I love it here. Last night I had my waiters evaluation and I passed. I feel truly blessed. 

I have made friends with all sorts of people. I am living my dream, but I hope that you're all alright and know that you are always on my heart. 

Hoping you are well and lots of love 



Letter from Siphelele, 15.11.2017

Dear Family,

Firstly thank you for this awesome opportunity. This place is once in a lifetime, the views are beautiful, the people are welcoming. The customers are nice. 

Today is officially my first day and I am learning so much. The classic methods of serving are present but the methods are still a bit different. I have made a couple of friends from Hungary, Poland, India and of course America. 

The off days are used to hike and gym. The food in America is extra big and extra delicious, but its nothing compared to home cooking. There are so many things to do, the town is 20min away but now and then we go out and have experienced the American food and beer, but they have nothing compared to the South African beers. It has been a great first week!

I have been asked about the tigers that roam around, I kept my composure and told them how it is. A store clerk asked me about Kenya when I told them that I am from South Africa. Every time I tell them I am from South Africa, they ask me what part of Africa. But some of them know and have been to South Africa. The weather here is quite cold, but once you're indoors you don't feel the cold. 

The place I am staying is always beautiful, the leaves remind of Clifton at the end of autumn. Yellow with a hint of red. I love it here...

Lots of Love